Admiral Westphal Elementary

School HIstory


Our school is named after two brothers, Philip and George Westphal, who were born in Preston, the sons of a retired German officer . George ( 1785-1885) left home at age thirteen to join the British navy and was the only brother durng the following years ever to return to Dartmouth for a brief visit. They served on different ships during Britain's wars with the United States and Napoleonic France. George's main claim to fame is that he served with England's greatest naval hero, Horatio Nelson, on the flagship Victory at the battle of Trafalgar. He was severley wounded on the deck and carried below where Lord Nelson lay dying. Nelson's coat was placed under Westphal's head as a pillow. His hair, matted with blood, became so entangled in the buttons of Nelson's Jacket that they had to be cut off. Westphal kept theh buttons as a souvenir of Lord Nelson. Philip Westphal was related through marriage to the family of Joseph Howe. That both brothers became admirals was incredible , not only becuase they were born outside of Britain, but becuase they earned and did purchase  ( as was common practice) their positions.